1960 Rome Olympics - Amazing Collection of 116 Covers Plus Album

Preparing a high-quality commemorative cover for the Olympic Gold Medal winners that includes a photograph of the winner, the statistics, and even the winner of the same event in the 1956 Olympics - and to have each cover postmarked at the official Italian Post Office at each Olympic venue would be an challenge today to say nothing of it being accomplished almost 60 years ago!

116 Gold Medal Winners Album Collection for Less than $1.20 a Cover

Kenmore acquired this unique old-time stock untouched for decades - wonderful covers prepared nearly 60 years ago by an enterprising Italian stamp dealer featuring a colorful cachet representing the event as well as a contemporary photograph of the medal winner. A total of 152 gold medals were awarded at the 1960 Olympics, so this 116-cover collection represents over 75% of the total number of medal winners!

Incredible Gold Medal Performances!

Among the notable Gold Medal winners in this collection you’ll find boxer Cassius Clay who would later, as Muhammad Ali, become history’s greatest boxer ... the greatest female sprinter Wilma Rudolph who triumphantly overcame childhood polio ... decathlon winner Rafer Johnson ... four time discus champion Al Orter ... the undefeated U.S. basketball team ... and Ethiopian Abebe Bikila who won the marathon barefooted! This incredible historic collection of 116 Rome Olympic covers comes in a deluxe gold-titled album with a summary of all 116 Gold Medal winners. An absolutely stunning collection to behold and one you’ll be proud to own!