Australia #4 Kangaroo & Map - 1913 2½p dark blue - Save 50%

In 1901, six British colonies united to form the Commonwealth of Australia. Because of various political squabbles, it would be another 12 years before the new nation produced stamps bearing its name. The design chosen through a public competition was simple yet unique and immediately recognizable – a kangaroo on a map of Australia. While the design was chosen to avoid offending some who felt that the new stamps should not portray the British monarch, due to public outcry accusing the government of being unpatriotic, a year later a new design picturing King George V was introduced, and the two designs co-existed side by side for many years.

Known by collectors as "the 'roos", even today these are among the most popular Australian stamps, and they were so popular that they were in use for nearly 40 years. This handsome 2½-pence stamp, printed in a deep blue shade, paid the international postage rate. Add this "first issue" stamp released over 105 years ago to your collection today and save 50% off its $25 catalog value! (Australia #4)

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