#3878 - 37¢ Cloudscapes - sheet of 15

Formed by the cooling of water molecules in the atmosphere, clouds come in all shapes and sizes, and their formations have helped predict weather patterns for centuries. The three most basic classifications of cloud forms are cirrus, cumulus, and stratus, coined by British amateur meteorologist Luke Howard (1772-1864) in 1803. Clouds can form anywhere from ground level as fog up to an altitude of over 250,000 ft.! Capturing paintings or photographs of these scenes is what is known as a “Cloudscape.” With fifteen unique images, this sheet will expose you to just a fraction of the near-limitless permutations of cloud formations. Scott 3878 Cloudscapes

Order 137mm Mount Strips (No Pre-cut size available)

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#3878 - 37¢ Cloudscapes - sheet of 15
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