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100 Hungary Pictorials

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Popular with collectors for their large, vibrant stamps celebrating its rich history as well as topical favorites, these Hungarian pictorials include a wealth of topics including intricate handicrafts, folk tales, wildlife, aviation, sports, space, transportation, and so much more – and with this special offer at only 5¢ a stamp! Order now and save $2 off our regular price!


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2015 Mint Commemorative Sheet of 4

They called him the Chairman of the Board, and he certainly lived up to the title. In a career spanning 7 decades, Frank Sinatra sold over 150 million records, received numerous awards including some of the nation's highest honors, and was one of the most popular and influential entertainers of the 20th century. He also had a highly successful career as a film actor, winning an Academy Award for his performance in "From Here to Eternity". Hungary celebrates the centennial of his birth with this colorful commemorative sheet featuring Sinatra with a charismatic wink, and margins picturing iconic symbols of New York. Order this wonderful tribute soon while it's still available at its new issue price!

Hungary Frank Sinatra Mint Commemorative Sheet of 4
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Hungary Reconstruction

1945-1946 Hungary Complete Mint Set of 15 Stamps


At the close of the World War II, Hungary was left in ruins. The capital city of Budapest was nearly destroyed, the economy was devastated but its people were determined to rebuild. The Hungarian Post Office issued a set of 15 stamps between 1945 and 1946 to symbolize this period of reconstruction. Printed in a rainbow of colors, this issue depicts a laborer with hammer and anvil freed from the chains of Nazi repression against a backdrop of Budapest's Chain Bridge, which was destroyed by the retreating Nazis in 1945. To keep up with the skyrocketing postage rates, the top value of this set is denominated an amazing 3000 pengoes!


Hungary 2007 Year

39 Stamps and 6 Sheets


With a tumultuous history dating back over 1000 years, and invasions by the Celts, Huns, Romans, Slavs and Turks, modern Hungary gained its independence in 1918 following the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Soviet Union occupied Hungary at the end of World War II, and despite an attempted revolution in 1956, it remained under Soviet control until 1989.


Popular with collectors for their large, vibrant stamps celebrating its rich history as well as topical favorites, these official Hungarian Post mint year collections contain commemorative issues for that year - including special commemorative sheets.


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Hungary 2008 Year

42 Stamps and 7 Sheets

Hungary 2009 Year

40 Stamps and 7 Sheets

Hungary 2010 Year

31 Stamps and 7 Sheets

Hungary 2011 Year

38 Stamps and 7 Sheets

Hungary 2012 Year

36 Stamps and 9 Sheets

Hungary 2013 Year

43 Stamps and 8 Sheets

Hungary 2014 Year

70 Stamps and 10 Sheets

2000 Hungary

Over 40% of ALL stamps ever issued … 2,000 sensational stamps from 1921 to the 1990s! Great care went into the preparation of this huge, valuable collection loaded with Big Pictorial and Commemorative Issues! For a cost of less than 5¢ a stamp you can instantly have this valuable 2,000 Hungary Collection at an affordable price.