300 World-wide Stamps - Only $2.00 - Limit 1

Worth over $20 at International Catalog Prices - For Less Than 1¢ per Stamp !
Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to add these exciting issues to your collection! You'll receive 300 colorful, all-different stamps from over 40 countries! Act now and you'll also receive our full-color Collectors Catalog, plus other exciting stamps on 15-Day Free Examination with no obligation to buy.

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Note this special offer is available only to U.S. addresses, limit one per household. Contents may vary.

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2000 World wide

2000 World wide More...

3000 World wide

3000 World wide More...

10,000 World Wide Stamps

For Less than 3¢ a Stamp! One of our best collection values - you'll enjoy sorting through and adding these 10,000 worldwide stamps from more than 80 countries to your stamp collection. An incredible savings of more than $750 off our individual prices! More...

300 World-wide Stamps - For Less Than 3¢ a Stamp

If you would like to order additional 300 Worldwide Postage Stamps or prefer not to receive Stamps-on-Approval with our special advertised offer you can purchase the 300 Worldwide Stamp Collection by itself for less than 3¢ per stamp! You'll get 300 Worldwide Postage Stamps from more than 40 countries. Note that the contents may vary from the illustrated stamps.

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