2013 Mint Sheet of 6 for Less Than Face Value!

Oops - our mistake is your gain!  Imagine our surprise when we received six times as many of the newly released Prince George Royal Birth issues!  That's right, instead of ordering single stamps, we ordered the full sheetlets of 6 stamps in error.  Rather than return the extra sheets we've decided to give you a bargain and offer the surplus sheets to you for less than face value!

This attractive sheet of 6 from the British Crown Colony of Gibraltar pictures the newborn Prince George with his parents, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge proudly standing on the steps of the hospital where Prince George was born - the exact location where Prince Charles and Princess Diana had first shown Prince William to the public 31 years ago!

At the current exchange rate, the total face value of these six 2-pound stamps (12 pounds) is equivalent to $18.93.  For a limited time only, we're offering the full mint sheet of 6 Royal Baby stamps for only $18.50.  And what a great way to begin a collection of Prince George, the future King of England!

Gibraltar Royal Baby Mint Sheetlet of 6 Stamps
Kenmore Special Online Offer Under Face Value - Only $18.50

 Limit of 5 per customer

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