CANADA'S CAPEX PHILATELIC EXHIBITION - Save Over 35% on this Mint 1978 Commemorative Sheet

Canada issued its first commemorative sheet to publicize CAPEX 78, its first major international stamp show since 1951, as well as the 100th anniversary of Canada's entry into the Universal Postal Union. Held in Toronto from June 9 to 18, 1978, it was the largest philatelic exhibition in Canada's history. The highly-detailed engraved stamp-on-stamp images reproduce three of Canada's earliest and scarcest stamps: the 10-pence Jacques Cartier from 1855, the half-penny Queen Victoria from 1857, and the 6-pence Prince Albert from 1851. Pairs of the original 19th century classics have a catalog value of $100,000 today!

Save $1.50 on this historic Canadian first!

CAPEX 78 Mint Commemorative Sheet - Regularly $4.00
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Regularly $4.00 Special $2.50
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