2¢ Provisional Surcharge - Canada #87

Save 45% on this 1899 Victorian Canada

With the reduction of the postage rate from 3¢ to 2¢, the Canadian Post Office faced a shortage of 2¢ stamps. Remaining stocks of the old 3¢ stamps, which were not needed after the rate decrease, were overprinted for use as 2¢ stamps. Add this 118-year-old issue, in post-office fresh fine-very fine Mint Never-Hinged condition, to your collection at a savings of 45% off our regular price! (Canada #87)

1899 Canada Provisional Surcharge - Regularly $45.00 

Kenmore Online Special Only $24.50

DID YOU KNOW? Canada was one of only a few British Commonwealth nations to picture an older Queen Victoria on its stamps. Most countries - including Great Britain itself - pictured only a young Victoria at the age of 15, an image unchanged during her 63 year reign!

Regularly $45.00 Special $24.50
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