Prince Edward Island #14 - Save 20% on this 1872 Mint 4¢ Issue

The smallest Canadian province, Prince Edward Island is regarded as the "Cradle of Confederation" for hosting the Maritime Union Conference, leading to the formation of the nation. They issued just 16 stamps between 1861 and 1872. In 1872 they were the last province to switch from the British pound to the Canadian dollar, and stamps were needed in the new currency. This 4¢ issue picturing Queen Victoria from 1872 was one of their final stamps, issued just one year before joining Canada. Add this classic mint "provincial" stamp - nearly 150 years old - to your collection and save 20% off our regular price! (Prince Edward Island #14)

Prince Edward Island 1872 Mint 4¢ Issue – Regularly $12.50
Kenmore Online Special Only $10.00

Regularly $12.50 Special $10.00
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