• 1910-13 Coils #385-396



Washington Flat Plate Coil

Save $20 on this 1910 Used Perf 8½ Coil


Elusive is the word for this "TWO CENTS" Washington coil as it is missing from most collections that we see.  What makes this coil stamp so hard to find is partially due to the coarse perforations of 8 ½ that made separating the stamps difficult and the fact that this "TWO CENTS" design was changed 14 months later to the "2 CENTS".


We recently purchased an old-dealer's stock that he had accumulated over his lifetime and are able to offer this scarce coil at a substantial savings off our regular retail price. (US #391)


2¢ Washington Perf 8½ Coil - Regularly $55
Kenmore Online Special Only $35