• 1931 Harding & Taft #684-687
The original Harding definitive showed the President in profile. When Harding's widow requested that a different portrait be used in the definitive series, the Post Office Department released the new, full-face version. Three months after former President and Supreme Court Justice William Howard Taft died, his likeness was placed on a new 4 cent stamp, replacing Martha Washington. Both of these new stamps were issued in sheet and coil versions.



1 1/2¢ Harding Line Pair - 1930 Mint Never-Hinged Line Pair

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Collectors value coil line pairs for their scarcity - depending on the issue they occur only every 15 to 20 stamps and are similar to plate blocks in their desirability. In an old-time dealer's stock we were fortunate to discover a quantity of this 1930 1½¢ Full-Face Harding rotary press line pair in fresh mint never-hinged conditionzxz and you can add this classic 88-year-old line pair to your collection at a 33% savings off our regular price! (US #686 line pair)


1½¢ Harding Mint Never-Hinged Line Pair - Regularly $7.50
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What Is a Coil Line Pair?A major innovation in the early 20th century was the development of the rotary presszxz which not only sped up production but also simplified the manufacture of coil stamps. Rotary plates were made of two flat plates which were then curvedzxz joined together and attached to a rotating cylinder to print a continuous stream of stamps. There would be a small seam where the two curved plates met. These small seams picked up ink which shows up as a line between a pair of stamps. Depending on the size of the platezxz these lines typically occur every 15 to 20 stamps. Stamp collectors quickly realized the importance of saving these premium positions as "line pairs".