1983 Challenger Shuttle Cover - Actually Flown In Space!

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It was 40 years ago the Space Shuttle Challenger made history with a six-day multi-million-mile journey starting on August 30, 1983. Safely stowed in its cargo hold was a container of specially-prepared covers that have today become some of the most desirable collectibles of America's space program. These are the only official Space Shuttle covers ever produced by the U.S. Postal Service in cooperation with NASA, which was celebrating its 25th anniversary in 1983.

A Valuable Heirloom and Historic Space Artifact!

The postmarks on this limited edition uniquely-numbered cover record the launch and landing dates, along with its originally scheduled August 14 launch date.  The high value $9.35 Express Mail stamp affixed to the envelope was issued at the Space Center just two days earlier.  It comes with a NASA presentation folder featuring a mission summary and full-color photos of the Challenger.  Few collectors can boast of owning anything that has flown into space and with the end of the shuttle program, this will be a key item in your collection and a cherished memento of an important era in American space history. Our largest competitor sells this historic cover for $79.95!

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