Marshall Islands Birds - Save 65% on this 1999 Mint Never-Hinged Set of 5

Discover some of the exotic and unusual species of birds found in this atoll in the Western Pacific. The Marshall Islands are home to over 80 species of birds, mainly sea birds and migratory species. You'll find the Brown Noddy and Fairy Tern with wingspans of nearly 3 feet, the colorful and endangered Micronesian Pigeon, the unusual Long-tailed Cuckoo which is native to New Zealand but spends winters in the Marshall Islands, and the tiny Eurasian Tree Sparrow, one of the few land birds found in the islands. With face values of up to $10, you'll save $11.60 off its catalog value of $17.60! (Marshall Is. #684/689)

Marshall Islands Birds Mint Set of 5 – Regularly $17.60
Kenmore Online Special Only $6.00

Regularly $17.00 Special $6.00
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