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One of the greatest baseball players of all time, Babe Ruth first appeared on a US postage stamp in 1983, with this 20¢ stamp released on the 50th anniversary of the first All-Star Game held in Chicago.

  In a career of 21 years, the "Sultan of Swat" hit an impressive 714 home runs. As the star player for the Yankees, he attracted so many fans to Yankee Stadium, which opened in 1923, that it was called "The House that Ruth Built". This beautifully engraved stamp showing Ruth in one of his classic poses following a home run swing at Yankee Stadium.

 The small town of Homer, Illinois along with Chicago and Baltimore were selected as official first day of issue cities. The cachet shows a portrait of Ruth looking over the original Yankee Stadium which closed in 2008.  US 2046 Babe Ruth FDC

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