Imperforate Harding - Save 25% on this 1926 Rotary Press Issue

In 1926 a company that made stamp affixing machines ordered a supply of imperforate 1½¢ stamps from the post office. By mistake, the stamps were printed on the new rotary press, and the sheet layout was unacceptable by the company. The sheets were returned to the post office, where they were placed on sale by mail to collectors. Never distributed to post offices, few collectors were aware of this new imperforate stamp and today it can be difficult to find. The stamp is most easily identified by the gum breaker bars impressed into the paper when the stamps were printed. Add this overlooked mint imperforate stamp to your collection today and save 25% off our regular price. US #631 Imperforate Harding Regularly $4.00 Kenmore Online Special Only $3.00

Regularly $4.00 Special $3.00
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