Hawaii Sesquicentennial - Save $3 on this 1928 Mint Commemorative Issue

Initially refusing requests for a commemorative stamp honoring the 150th anniversary of the discovery of Hawaii by Captain James Cook, the Post Office relented and decided the fastest and cheapest solution was to overprint current definitive stamps. Since they resembled precanceled stamps, and sales were limited to Hawaii and Washington DC, many post offices around the country refused to accept them and incorrectly charged postage due on letters with these stamps, thinking they were valid only in Hawaii. Issued over 90 years ago, it was the first U.S. stamp to be issued in a U.S. territory, which Hawaii was from 1898 to 1959. For a while even the stamp catalog publishers erroneously listed this stamp under Hawaii and many U.S. collectors passed it up. Printing figures were small and this 5¢ value had the lowest printing figures of any 1920s commemorative! (US #648)

Order this 1928 mint lightly-hinged commemorative today and save $3 off our regular price!

1928 Mint 2¢ Hawaii Overprint – Regularly $27.00
Kenmore Online Special Only $24.00

Regularly $27.00 Special $24.00
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