#5726 - Charles M. Schulz - Sheet of 20

Celebrate the birth centennial of cartoonist Charles M. Schulz (1922-2000).  His humor and perception through his unforgettable "Peanuts" characters became history’s most popular and successful comic strip. Since its first appearance in 1950, “Peanuts” delighted hundreds of millions of readers worldwide. Its original characters featured Charlie Brown and Snoopy, who were soon joined over time by Lucy, Linus, and other beloved characters.

Each character reflects Schulz’s vivid imagination and compassion. Charlie Brown, at the heart of “Peanuts,” is often defeated but always bounces back. The “Peanuts” characters were a worldwide phenomenon, appearing in television specials, books, a Broadway show, and many Peanuts-themed products. For five decades, Schulz actively wrote and illustrated every “Peanuts” comic strip — nearly 18,000 of them. His last strip was published the day after he died. In 2000, he was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honor bestowed by Congress. Scott 5726 sheet of 20 Charles M. Schulz

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#5726 - Charles M. Schulz - Sheet of 20
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