Classic Early Airmail - Save $4 On This 1923 Mint Lightly-Hinged Stamp

Inaugurating new airmail rates and a new era in airmail service, this classic stamp pictures the radiator and wooden propeller of a De Havilland plane typically used to fly airmail at the time. Prior to 1923, airmail was flown only during daylight hours. To improve delivery times, it was decided to add nighttime flight hours, and the nation was divided into three zones, with the rate of 8¢ per zone crossed.

Add this classic mint stamp to your collection today, issued nearly a century ago when daredevil pilots flew the mail, and save $4 off our regular price! (US #C4)

1923 Mint 8¢ Airmail Stamp – Regularly $42

Kenmore Online Special Only $38

Regularly $42.00 Special $38.00
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