1941: A World At War - Save $2.50 on this 1991 Mint Sheet of 10

To honor the 50th anniversary of World War II, the U.S. Postal Service issued five popular sheets of 10 that highlighted the major events and battles for each year of the war.  In the center of the design an informative world map highlighted troop movements, important battles, and shows the enemy-controlled territory in red. Above and below the map are 10 stamps featuring historic events for that year.

The first sheet in this series, the "1941: A World at War" sheet, commemorates the entry of the United States into the war, when a surprise attack forced a nation reluctant to join the war to defend itself.  Although the Allied Nations had been fighting German, Italian and Japanese aggression for two years, in 1941 the United States, while supporting the Allies, had avoided the conflict until an unexpected attack on the morning of December 7.  Milestones commemorated on this sheet include the Atlantic Charter talks between President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill which defined the goals of the Allies, pre-war preparations such as the stockpiling of tanks and battleships, the buildup of Civil Defense to protect ourselves at home, and the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and the declaration of war against Japan the following day.  (US #2559)

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