Conferderate States #12 - Save $3 - 1863 Unused Civil War Stamp

The April 1863 issue of President Jefferson Davis is one of just a handful ever issued by the South and holds a special place in philatelic history. First printed in the heart of the Confederate capital, Richmond, this stamp symbolizes a pivotal era in American history.

As Union forces closed in on Richmond, stamp production shifted to Columbia, SC, adding another layer of significance to this artifact. What sets this stamp apart is not just its historical context but also its unique features. Interestingly, two engravings of this 10¢ design were made, each with its own subtle distinctions. One such difference lies in the shorter hairline at the back of the neck on CSA #12, making it distinguishable from its counterpart, #11. Order this 160-year-old Civil War relic and save $3.

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