Incredible Double Transfer Error! - Save 30% on 1994 U.S. Major Error Sheet of 4

Celebrating the 1994 centennial of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing's production of U.S. postage stamps, this handsome sheet reproduces four examples of the $2 Monroe stamp from 1894 using the original century-old engraved master die.  Sharp-eyed collectors soon discovered a major error in a small percentage of the sheets.  The error, known as a double transfer, occurs on the rightmost stamp in the sheet.  When transferring the master engraved die to the steel printing plate, the plate moved slightly during the transfer, creating a doubling of part of the design.  The double transfer on the rightmost stamp is most evident in the bottom part of the design, particularly in the "TWO DOLLARS" inscription, and an additional frame line at the bottom.  Below are enlargements of normal and double transfer stamps from this sheet for comparison, with the bottom stamp showing the double transfer:

Double Transfer Vertical Comparison

This commemorative sheet was printed in large press sheets containing 48 sheetlets of 4 stamps, and this error occurs in just one of these sheetlets, making this error sheet 48 times as scarce as a normal sheet.  With a catalog value of only $65, we feel it is undervalued and this is an excellent opportunity to add this rarity to your collection at a great price.  This sheet is actually scarcer than the Imperforate Bugs Bunny sheet and the Recalled Legends of the West error sheet – other famous scarce sheets from the 1990s which sell for considerably more than this error sheet!

Add this scarce mint never-hinged major error sheet to your collection today for only $45, a $20 savings off its $65 catalog value.  (US #2875 double transfer)

1994 U.S. BEP Centennial Double Transfer Error Mint Commemorative Sheet – Regularly $65
Save $20 – Kenmore Online Special Only $45

Regularly $65.00 Special $45.00
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