$11.75 Piggy-Back Space Shuttle - Save $3.50 on this 1998 Mint Express Mail Stamp

When weather conditions were right, NASA landed its Space Shuttle orbiters at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. However, if thunderstorms or other poor weather was threatening, the orbiters were usually diverted to Edwards Air Force Base in California. To ferry the shuttle back to Florida, it was mounted piggy-back on top of a 747 jet and flown to Florida. This Express Mail stamp shows the 747 and shuttle about to take off from its landing site in California.

Express Mail stamps have some of the highest face values ever printed on U.S. stamps, and their high face values and limited availability prevents many collectors from adding mint examples to their collections. Add this rarely-seen mint stamp - already 22 years old - to your collection and save $3.50 off our regular price. (US #3262)

Mint Piggy-Back Shuttle Express Mail Stamp - Regularly $36.00
Kenmore Online Special Only $32.50

Regularly $36.00 Special $32.50
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