Truman Inaugural Cover - Save $11 on this Cacheted Cover

One of the most iconic images of the 1948 Presidential election is Harry Truman holding a newspaper with the headline "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN". In an upset victory over his challenger, New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey, Truman was re-elected President for a second term, having completed Franklin D. Roosevelt's fourth term after his unexpected death in 1945.

Over 70 years ago, Harry Truman was sworn in as America's 33rd President. It would also be the first inauguration to be shown live on the new medium of television. Truman, a plain-speaking judge from Missouri, presided over a nation recovering from World War II and its worldwide aftermath, including the increasing Cold War and the tensions that would eventually divide Korea. A sign on his desk proclaimed "The Buck Stops Here", and he is remembered as a man of integrity and accountability. Add this historic 1949 Inauguration Day cover, featuring a pictorial cachet and postmarked on the day of Truman's second inauguration - and save 10% off our regular price! (Cachet artwork may vary)

1949 Truman Inaugural Cover - Regularly $110.00 - Save $11.00

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Regularly $110.00 Special $99.00
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