1929 Edison Electric Light - Save 10% on this Plate Block

The U.S. celebrated the 50th anniversary of Thomas Edison's first successful electric light in 1929. Since Edison was still alive, postal regulations prevented him from being pictured on the stamp. Anticipating this would be a popular issue the design, using Edison's light bulb, was printed in three formats: coils, and sheets printed on the new rotary press as well as the traditional flat plate press.

This plate block of 6 is the flat plate version, and is collected with the plate number centered in a block of 6. Ironically, Edison did not invent the electric light bulb but made improvements to an earlier invention. While earlier attempts burned out after a few hours, Edison's improvements used a carbon-coated bamboo thread which would last over 1000 hours, making the electric light practical and affordable. Within a few years, Edison light bulbs, powered by Edison's electric utilities, would be illuminating our cities. (US #654 plate block)

1929 Edison Mint Plate Block of 6 Regularly $35.00

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Regularly $35.00 Special $31.50
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