1¢ Franklin Plate Block - Save 33% On This 1927 Plate Block

Nearly 100 years ago the Post Office was modernizing postage stamp production, moving the printing from the slow flat plate presses to the faster rotary plate presses. Other changes included moving the plate numbers to the corner of the sheet, making blocks of 4 the preferred format, and changing the perforation gauge to 11x10½, so the stamps were easier to separate but strong enough so that sheets would stay together.

By tradition, our first Postmaster General Benjamin Franklin appeared on the lowest denomination in use, a tradition kept for over 100 years. Add this mint rotary press plate block, issued nearly 100 years ago, to your collection today and save 33% off our regular price! (US #632 plate block)

1927 Franklin Mint Plate Block of 4 – Regularly $3.00

Kenmore Online Special Only $2.00

Regularly $3.00 Special $2.00
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