2¢ Red Cross Plate Block - 1931 Mint Plate Block of 4

One of just a handful of U.S. commemorative stamps printed in two colors before the advent of multicolor printing in the late 1950s, this 1931 issue required two passes through the printing press, one for the black design and one for the red cross. Both plate numbers appear in the selvage of the stamps.

The stamp design is based on a 1930 Red Cross recruiting poster called "The Greatest Mother" by Lawrence Nelson Wilbur, who studied under N. C. Wyeth and created several classic Red Cross posters. One of the most affordable plate blocks of the era, you can add this 89 year old mint plate block to your collection and save 40% off our regular price! (US #702 plate block)

1931 Red Cross Plate Block Regularly $2.50

Kenmore Online Special Only $1.50

Regularly $2.50 Special $1.50
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