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 Born in 1755, 21 years before American independence, John Marshall rose through the ranks to become America's longest-serving Chief Justice. Marshall served in the Continental Army in the American Revolution, and studied law while in the Army. Entering politics while running a private law practice, he served as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention and was later elected to the House of Representatives. President John Adams chose Marshall as his Secretary of State, where he ended a brief war with France.

 In early 1801 Adams nominated Marshall to the Supreme Court to replace Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth. He remained Chief Justice for 34 years, serving under six Presidents and making numerous influential rulings that helped strengthen both the role of the Supreme Court and the power of the Constitution. Upon his death in 1835, the Liberty Bell was rung where according to legend the bell received its famous crack.

 On the 200th anniversary of Marshall's birth, September 24, 1955, the U.S. Post Office issued this 40-cent definitive stamp in the Liberty Series. (US #1050)

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