Washington Rotary Press Coil

Save 50% on this 1917 Mint Never-Hinged Issue

The Washington-Franklin issues of 1908-1922 are among the most popular and complex of all U.S. postage stamps. With numerous changes in production methods, what was intended to be a simple series yielded over 200 varieties! One of the major innovations during this time was the introduction of coil stamps, intended for vending machines and businesses sending large volumes of mail. The rotary press, which utilized a continuous roll of paper, increased coil production which had been limited by the slower sheet-fed flat plate press.


We recently acquired an old-time mint stock including a number of these rotary press coils with typical average centering, issued nearly 100 years ago when the nation was involved in the first World War. Add this 1917 3¢ Washington unwatermarked coil, in fresh mint never-hinged condition, to your collection at a special Holiday Savings of over 50% off our regular price for a lightly-hinged example! (US #489)


3¢ Washington Coil - Regularly $6.75
Kenmore Online Special Only $3.35

Regularly $6.75 Special $3.35
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