Great Britain's Historic 1841 Complete Set of 2

A collector classic more than 170 years old, this beautifully engraved, imperforate pair features the same basic designs as the famed Penny Black and Two-Penny Blue, the world’s very first postage stamps!

Issued less than 10 months later, they sell for hundreds of dollars less!

Order the second oldest stamp set in the world  - Great Britain #3 and #4 - for your collection now and save $3.

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1986 Mint Booklet Pane of 4

Stamp Collectors were excited when the Postal Service released this colorful booklet pane showing their favorite hobby. The 4 stamp designs utilized two different printing methods - the traditional art of steel engraving for the black, bright green, purple and dark blue colors and the more common lithography for yellow, red, light blue and beige colors.

Issued to honor the 100th anniversary of the American Philatelic Society and to promote AMERIPEX 86, the international philatelic exhibition hosted by the U.S. Postal Service it also is notable for these firsts:

The first U.S. commemorative stamp booklet pane; the first set to picture stamps that were not yet released - the Presidents sheets pictured on the fourth stamp were released 4 months later; thefirst U.S. stamp to show foreign stamps; it was the first time the U.S. exchanged stamp engravings with another country: the third stamp was engraved by a Swedish engraver, while a similar stamp issued by Sweden was engraved by an American engraver.

After its release it was discovered that Thomas Hipschen, the master engraver, had violated official rules by adding his name onto the handle of the canceling device.

Order this fascinating tribute to stamp collecting today! (US #2198-2201)

1986 Stamp Collecting Pane -- Regularly $4.00
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Fly Throughout the World
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Since Man first dreamed of flight, he has found an amazing variety of ways to achieve it ... from the majesty of the hot-air balloon and the sleek purity of the silent glider, to the jet-propelled thrill of traveling at the speed of sound. You'll get 100 Aviation issues from more than a dozen countries - including lighter-than-air balloons, helicopters, vintage aircraft from the early days of flight to today's modern jetliners.

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Mint Never-Hinged
1941 Plate Block of 4

They called it "the plane that couldn't fly". In 1941 the U.S. Post Office issued a series of airmail stamps with a common design, including a 30¢ value to cover the trans-oceanic airmail rate. Instead of picturing one particular airplane, the designer included features of several types of aircraft in use at the time, including a twin-tailed Lockheed and a single-tailed DC-3, creating a composite craft that aeronautical experts believe could never get off the ground. Perhaps it was a glimpse into the future, because in 1943 Lockheed introduced the Constellation, a 3-tailed 4-engine craft used extensively as a military transport in World War II. Our largest competitor sells this block for $22.50. Order this desirable 1941 plate block today and save $5 off our regular price! (US #C30 mint never-hinged)

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