Largest U.S. Paintings on Commemorative Sheets Ever Issued!

A quartet of famous paintings, images that have aroused the patriotism of many an American, come to life in this striking Bicentennial tribute to the American Revolution.  What makes these issues especially unique are the 5 individual stamps embedded within the borders of each. All are in Mint, Never-hinged condition. Each Sheet measures a large 6 inches by 8 inches. (US #1686-89)

Four Bicentennial Masterpieces — Regular Price ... $32.95
Kenmore Online Special Only - $28.95

Save $4.50 on this 1959-1985 Complete Mint Never-Hinged Set of 17

In 1959 the U.S. Post Office updated the design if its postage due stamps. By printing the denomination separately in a different color, additional denominations could be easily created as needed, while only a single engraved plate was needed for the background common to all denominations. The value was applied by a separate rubber plate similar to what was used for precanceled stamps. The set originally released in 1959 contained 14 stamps ranging from ½¢ to $5. The ½¢ stamp was taken off sale shortly thereafter. Rate changes in 1978 added the 11¢ and 13¢ values, and the 17¢ value was added in June 1985. Postage due stamps were quietly discontinued in November 1985 when the last press capable of printing these stamps was scrapped, so the 17¢ stamp was in use for only 5 months!

Now off sale for 30 years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to assemble sets of this important back-of-the-book issue, and there's no better time to get this mint never-hinged set while it's still available at an affordable price! (#J88-104)

Last U.S. Postage Dues - Regularly $27.00
Kenmore Online Special Only $22.50

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1998 Mint Set of 6 Stamps
& Commemorative Sheet

In 1962 John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth aboard his Mercury Friendship 7 spacecraft. From blastoff to splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean five hours later, millions of Americans were captivated by his historic, 3-orbit flight. Glenn received a hero's welcome at home and NASA had its first astronaut to match the Russian orbital flights of Yuri Gagarin and Gherman Titov. Not wanting to risk losing a national hero, a Presidential order kept Glenn from space until 36 years later when he became the "oldest man in space" aboard the 10-day Space Shuttle Discovery mission. The Marshall Islands honored these two missions with this marvelous set highlighting both historic flights - comparing the 1962 and 1998 liftoffs, spaceships and John Glenn. The commemorative sheet features the 1962 U.S. "Man in Space" issue - a stamp prepared in secrecy and sent to post offices in sealed packages marked "Top Secret", not to be opened until the successful completion of the mission!

Order Online and Save -- Regularly $11.00
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Save $10 on this 1914 Used Perf 10 Coil

The Washington-Franklin issue of 1908-1922 is one of the most popular and complex of all U.S. issues. With numerous changes in production methods, what was intended to be a simple series yielded over 200 varieties! One of the major innovations during this time was the introduction of coil stamps, intended for vending machines and businesses sending large volumes of mail.

Having experimented with several perforation gauges for coil stamps, in 1914 the Post Office decided that perforation gauge 10 worked best for coils. Printed on the flat plate press on watermarked paper, this 2¢ Washington coil is somewhat scarce as it was soon replaced by a version printed on the much more efficient rotary press. Normally selling for $34, you can save $10 on this 1914 watermarked flat plate coil! (US #444)

2¢ Washington Flat Plate Coil - Regularly $34
Kenmore Online Special Only $24

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