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Bruce Lee would have turned 75 on November 27. In a brief career tragically cut short at the age of 32, the American-born Lee starred in only five films, but is considered one of the finest martial artists of all time and is credited not only in the way Asians are presented in American films, but he also helped create an entire genre of martial arts films. His breakthrough role as Kato in the 1966 television series "The Green Hornet" first brought him to the American public, but he is best remembered for his role in "Enter the Dragon", released posthumously in 1973. Considered one of the greatest martial arts films, this action-packed spy thriller has been selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. This colorful sheet from Tanzania shows the many faces of Lee, from the dapper Kato to the skilled martial artist of his feature films. (Tanzania #810)

Tanzania Bruce Lee Mint Sheet of 9
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Cats may be the world's most popular pet, with over 600 million domestic cats in homes throughout the world. From cuddly little kittens to full grown tabby cats you'll enjoy these wonderful felines on postage stamps from various countries.

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30 years ago this month, the Space Shuttle Challenger made history with a six-day multi-million-mile journey.  Blasting off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on August 30, 1983, safely stowed in its cargo hold was a container of specially-prepared covers that have today become some of the most desirable souvenirs of America's space program. These are the only official Space Shuttle covers ever produced by the U.S. Postal Service in cooperation with NASA, which was celebrating its 25th anniversary in 1983.

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The Swiss are known for their quality products, whether it's watches, chocolate, or pocket knives. Likewise, the people of Switzerland take pride in the quality of their postage stamps. Give your stamp collection a boost with this attractive collection of 100 different. You'll find a treasure trove of colorful stamps that showcase one of the most beautiful countries in Europe - from picturesque Alpine villages, historical events and age-old customs to sports, nature and modern art - for less than 10¢ a stamp. Worth in excess of $34, this is a tremendous deal - and you save more than $24 off its catalog value!


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In the 19th century, most U.S. postage stamps were printed by private security printers that were awarded government contracts. The 1890 Small Banknote series was the last definitive issue to be printed by the American Bank Note Company, and for the next century nearly all U.S. stamps were printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

One of the most sought-after varieties in this 120-year-old series is the "Cap on left 2" flaw found on the 2-cent Washington. The "Cap" is clearly visible over the left "2" and can be seen without magnification. When compared to its regular counterpart this stamp is 20 times more valuable. Kenmore has selected some nice used copies of this elusive stamp, and you can add it to your collection at a fraction of the cost of a mint example, and at a $2 savings off our regular price. Order yours today!

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