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A first for Canada! Canada Day (July 1) was celebrated in 1979 with the release of this colorful sheet illustrating the flags of its then 10 provinces and 2 territories, shown in the order they joined the Canadian Confederation. Inspired by the U.S. State Flags sheet of 1976, this was the first Canadian se-tenant sheet of all-different stamps. Add this attractive 5 x 5½ inch sheet to your collection today and save 40% off its regular price!

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Dubai is one of the richest and fastest-growing city-states in the world, with a population of over 2 million and known today for its innovative skyscrapers, man-made islands, and the world's largest shopping mall. The Dubai of 1963 was much different. With a population of 40,000, it was an independent Sheikdom under British protection, and oil was not discovered there until 1966. One of its earliest postal issues was a set of 9 stamps calling attention to the World Health Organization drive to eradicate malaria. Printed locally in Dubai, this mint never-hinged set is increasingly difficult to find today. (Dubai #22-27, C13-15)

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This colorful set celebrates the 75th anniversary of Scouting, and was one of the few postal issues from Lebanon's long and devastating civil war. Scouts were essential in aiding the civilian population throughout the civil war, distributing food and medicine, helping the wounded, and participating in peace campaigns to help end the war. The scouts remained a unified group despite the division of the nation during the conflict. The attractive designs show scouts rowing a reproduction Viking longboat, a signal tower, and a scout camp in the Lebanese wilderness.

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