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  1. WW II Overrun Nations

    WW II Overrun Nations

    Save 20% on this Historic 1943-1944 Mint Set of 13!

    Over 60 years ago the United States issued this patriotic set of 13 national flags of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, Yugoslavia, Albania, Austria, Denmark and Korea as a reminder of the European and Asian countries occupied by the Axis powers. To accurately replicate the colors on the flags the government utilized multi-colored printing presses, the first time a U.S. stamp set was printed using more than 2 colors.

    Overrun Nations Complete Mint Set of 13 - Regular Price $7.50.
    Kenmore Online Special -- Now only $6!

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    SAVE 20% on one of our most ferocious collections!

    Gone for eons, the terrifying T-Rex, mighty Triceratops, gentle Brontosaurus, and scores of other prehistoric animals, birds, and fish portrayed in this fascinating collection are more alive today than ever! Thanks to archeologists digging deeper into our past and writers, filmmakers & stamp designers delving farther into their imaginations!

    100 Dinosaurs -- Catalog Price $12.00
    Save 20% - Kenmore Online Special Only $9.50!

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    Regular Price: $12.00

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    Save $3 on this 1941-1944 Complete Mint Set of 7

    To avoid showing favoritism toward any particular manufacturer, the twin-motored transport pictured on these popular World War II airmail issues is a composite of several different models. While most of the plane resembles a Douglas DC-3, the most widely used aircraft at the time, the tail is a product of the stamp designer's imagination with the bottoms of the two outboard fins extending below the airplane's tail wheel. Most experts agree that an airplane of this design would never be able to leave the ground! While later planes such as the Lockheed Constellation (introduced in 1943) had similar tail fins, they featured a different landing gear configuration that kept the tail high off the ground.

    This series, one of the few airmail sets with a unified design, was the culmination of a 5-year effort to replace a variety of older airmail stamps still in use. Originally issued as a set of 6, a rate increase of the basic airmail rate from 6¢ to 8¢ in 1944 resulted in an additional value. However, this rate was short-lived: a 1946 Act of Congress reduced the airmail rate to 5¢. (US #C25-31)

    Airmail Transports Complete Mint Set of 7 - Regularly $37.50
    Kenmore Online Special Only $34.50

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    Regular Price: $37.50

    Special Price $34.50

  4. 125 Mint German Inflation Issues

    125 Mint German Inflation Issues

    Save $2.50 on these Mint Stamps from 1921-1923

    Bankrupt from World War I and suffocating from punitive war reparations, the German Government began printing money and postage stamps that ushered in one of the wildest periods of inflation in world history.  Postage stamp denominations rose from 5 marks to an astronomical 50 billion marks in less than 2 years time!  Order this astonishing mint collection of 125 different German Inflation stamps.

    Regular Catalog Price $31.50
    On Sale Now for only $29.00!


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    Regular Price: $31.50

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