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  1. Scarce Washington Stamp

    Scarce Washington Stamp - Save $3 on this Extraordinary 1928 Issue


    What is truly amazing about this stamp is that the heavy hairlines can be easily seen without magnification but it was not discovered until 1936, almost 8 years after it was released by the government! Now is your chance to own this scarce Washington type II stamp #634A. When compared to its regular counterpart this stamp is almost 100 times more valuable. Kenmore has selected some beautiful copies of this elusive stamp with light cancellations, order yours today. #634A used

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  2. Legendary Jet Fighters

    Legendary Jet Fighters

    1995 Marshall Islands Complete Mint Sheet of 25

    A who's who of 25 legendary jet fighters from countries around the world. On this colorful 7 x 9 inch mint sheet you'll see an amazing 50 years of aviation fighter history - from Nazi Germany's first operational Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter in World War II ... to the feared supersonic Soviet MiG-21, F-14 Tomcat and F-16 Falcon plus 21 more.

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    Legendary Jet Fighters Mint Sheet of 25 - Save $3.50 - only $12.50

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  3. Reagan Inaugural Cover

    Reagan Inaugural Cover

    Save $2 on this Historic Cover

    Remember the Great Communicator's courage, dedication and love for America with this historic cover postmarked on his January 20, 1981 inauguration, the first day of his 8 years in the White House. Ronald Reagan's inauguration was viewed by nearly 42 million Americans, the largest viewing audience in history, and was also the first time the inauguration was moved from the east side of the Capitol to the west side facing the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial to accommodate a larger crowd. The cacheted envelope shows President Reagan taking the oath of office from Chief Justice Warren Burger. 2011 was the centennial of Reagan's birth and demand for Reagan memorabilia is high.

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  4. Explore the Endless Reaches of Space!

    Explore the Endless Reaches of Space!

    Save over 25% on 100 World Space Stamps!

    Space has always fired man's imagination for the unknown. Yet it is only our era that has lived the dream. Now, you can share that quest for the heavens in this treasury of colorful and fascinating space stamps from around the world.

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