175th Anniversary of the
Penny Black

175 years ago, in May 1840, Great Britain introduced a small item that would revolutionize postal history: the postage stamp. Before the introduction of the postage stamp letters were usually sent unpaid, and the recipient would need to go to the post office and pay the postage before receiving the letter. Thanks to this revolutionary idea by postal reformer Rowland Hill, people could prepay postage and simply drop a letter in the nearest post box, and for just a penny it would be delivered to anyone in the country. At the time they were uncertain if the idea of prepaid postage would be accepted, but 175 years later you can still stick a stamp on a letter and have it delivered to the door of anyone in the world.

To celebrate this anniversary, British Royal Mail has just released an attractive commemorative sheet reproducing the Penny Black and its sister, the Two Penny Blue (intended for mailing heavier letters), updated to pay the current letter rate. The simple design of a young Queen Victoria and basic inscriptions is a classic, and Great Britain to this day remains the only country to have never put its name on their stamps, a special exception granted to the first country to issue postage stamps. The background shows the hand-operated presses used for printing the original stamps in 1840.

Add this wonderful tribute to the world's first postage stamps - from the country that invented postage stamps - to your collection today!

Great Britain Penny Black Anniversary Mint Sheet of 4
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88 years ago, the Post Office did something it had never done before by issuing a stamp honoring a living American. Issued less than a month after Charles Lindbergh's daring non-stop solo airplane flight across the Atlantic, this classic airmail depicts the small cloth-covered Spirit of St. Louis and his route from New York to Paris. While postal regulations did not allow Lindbergh to be pictured on the stamp, this was the first and one of the very few times a living person has been named on a U.S. stamp. It must also be a record that the stamp was designed, engraved, printed and distributed to post offices in less than a month! Add this classic mint lightly hinged airmail from 1927 to your collection with average centering for only $9.00 - a savings of $3.50 off our regular price! (US #C10)


Lindbergh 1927 Mint Lightly-Hinged Airmail
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The historic Vienna State Opera opened in 1869, and is home to the Vienna Philharmonic and some of the world's finest opera and ballet performances. This beautiful sheet, issued in 1969 to commemorate the centenary of this legendary institution, pictures scenes from famous operas and ballets.

Lovers of fine engravings will appreciate the beauty and intricate detail found on the stamps on this large sheet. You'll enjoy lifelike scenes from the Magic Flute (Mozart), Don Giovanni (Mozart), Fidelio (Beethoven), Lohengrin (Wagner), Don Carlos (Verdi), Carmen (Bizet), Rosencavalier (Strauss), and Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky).

Accented with gold frames, this sheet looks great matted and framed ... a perfect gift for a music lover or anyone who appreciates fine engravings. (Austria #840)

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One of the greatest legends of the silver screen is immortalized on this mint sheet showing various portraits from her brief but memorable career. In less than 15 years, Marilyn Monroe starred in over 30 movies before her unexpected death at the age of 36. Even today, over 50 years after her death, she is still considered one of the greatest female stars of all time and a popular cultural icon as well as the quintessential American sex symbol. Add this glamorous Marilyn tribute to your collection and save 33% off its $9.75 catalog value! (Actual size 5 ½" x 7") Marilyn Monroe Mint Sheet of 9 - Regularly $9.75 Kenmore Online Special Only $6.50

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