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A creative genius and an American icon, Walt Disney and the lovable characters he created have entertained generations. A number of countries, including the United States, have issued Disney postage stamps that capture the brilliance of Walt Disney's original works of art and are one of the most popular areas for all generations of stamp collectors. Check out the zany antics of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and his Disney animated feature films ... all are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and warm your heart!





#1355 - 6¢ Walt Disney

Cartoonist and film producer whose fame spread throughout the world as his Mickey Mouse character won the hearts of children young and old. Scott 1355 Walt Disney

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Minnie Mouse

1999 Maldives Mint Sheet of 6

The many expressions of Mickey's favorite lady are captured on this charming sheet. Sheet measure 7 3/4" x 5 1/2"


Monday's Child

1997 Grenada Grenadines Mint Sheet of 6

Walt Disney's adaptation of the classic Mother Goose poem "Monday's Child" comes to life in this charming sheet featuring Pooh and the gang from the Hundred-Acre Wood. Add this delightful sheet to your collection and get a warm smile every time you open your album! (Grenada Grenadines #1949)


Daisy Duck

1999 Maldives Mint Sheet of 6

The many expressions of Donald's favorite lady are captured on this charming sheet. Sheet measure 7 3/4" x 5 1/2"


100 Disney Stamps

100 Disney Stamps More...

300 Disney Stamps

One of our most popular offers ever, this wonderful assortment of all-different issues is reproduced in brilliant, full color from Walt Disney’s original works of art. There's Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and the whole gang of lovable Disney characters. Some of the most delightful stamps you’ll ever own! More...

500 Disney Stamps

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Mickey Thru the Years

Gambia 1989 Mint Sheet of 9

Bring a smile to your face as you follow Mickey Mouse through his first 60 years. From the 1928 "Steamboat Willie" and 1940s innovative "Fantasia" to modern theatrical features, Mickey has entertained generations of Disney fans throughout the world. Colorful 6 x 8 inch sheet



Grenada Mint Collection with Album and Mounts

This charming collection of 12 mint stamps and 4 commemorative sheets was issued for the Hong Kong '97 Stamp Exhibition, held just a few months before control of Hong Kong returned to China. The colorful stamps show Mickey and his friends visiting Hong Kong's famous sites and enjoying local customs. The 8-page illustrated album includes descriptions for each stamp and commemorative sheet, plus custom cut black mounts.

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Gambia Mint Collection with Album and Mounts

Journey to the West" is one of the classic novels of Chinese Literature. It tells the story of Master San Tsang's journey with his three disciples for Buddhist scriptures. This charming collection of 12 mint stamps and 4 commemorative sheets from Gambia retells the story in the familiar Disney fashion, as Mickey, accompanied by Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy, encounters the Monkey King and other characters from the legend until he finally returns the scriptures to the Emperor. The 12-page illustrated album includes descriptions for each stamp and commemorative sheet, plus custom cut black mounts.

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Disney's Lion King - 1994 Uganda Complete Mint Set of 27 Plus 3 Commemorative Sheets

One of the most popular and highly praised animated films in history gets a lavish tribute! All of your favorites from this Academy Award-winning epic are here, including Simba, Musafa, Timon, Pumbaa, Scar, Rafiki, Nala, Zazu and many more. Delightful for young and old alike!


Beauty & the Beast - 1992 Complete Mint Set of 23 Stamps & 5 Commemorative Sheets

The first animated movie to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture and one of the most popular of all time, Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is based on an 18th century French fairy tale. This charming collection features all of the films characters, including Belle, Gaston, Mrs. Potts, Lumière, and the Beast. Add this fantastic set to your collection and SAVE 20% off its $51.50 catalog value!



Guyana Mint Collection with Album and Mounts

The Lunar New Year is the most important Chinese holiday, celebrated with fireworks, gifts, and colorful parades and costumes. Mickey Mouse and the Disney gang celebrate the many festivities and traditions of this holiday with this charming set of 12 stamps and two commemorative sheets from Guyana. The 8-page illustrated album includes descriptions for each stamp and commemorative sheet and serves as an educational narrative of this ancient holiday tradition - and it includes custom cut black mounts.


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1997 Complete Mint Sheet of 9

Add these nine heartwarming and memorable scenes from the 1937 "Snow White" to the 1996 "Hunchback of Notre Dame" Disney classics to your collection. Proof that a kiss is forever! This romantic sheet from the Grenada Grenadines measures 7 1/2" x 6 1/2".



1997 Uganda Complete Mint Set of 24 Plus 3 Commemorative Sheets

The whole gang from Disney's Toy Story gets the stamp of approval with this heartwarming set featuring scenes from the first feature-length computer-animated film. All of your favorites are here, including Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Slinky, Rex, Hamm and Bo Peep. Delightful for young and old alike!


First Foreign Disney Issue!

San Marino 1970 Complete Mint Set of 10 No one could predict the overwhelming demand for Disney stamps that would follow the release of these colorful issues. Numerous other countries have since joined the Disney bandwagon, making this first foreign set the key to a complete Walt Disney collection! More...




Save $2 on this 1985 Maldives Mint Commemorative Sheet

"I came in with Halley's Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year (1910), and I expect I'll go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don't go out with Halley's Comet."

Mark Twain wrote this in 1909, a year before his passing and the return of Halley's Comet to the skies. Prophetically, the comet was at its brightest on April 20, 1910, the day before Twain died.

Disney characters pay tribute to one of America's greatest authors and humorists with this colorful sheet showing Mickey Mouse as Tom Sawyer and Goofy as Huckleberry Finn riding the comet. This whimsical sheet actually commemorates three events: International Youth Year, the 150th anniversary of Mark Twain, and the 75 to 76 year return of Halley's Comet. (Maldives #1141 - sheet measures 5" x 4")

Maldives Halley's Comet Mint Commemorative Sheet - Regularly $7.50
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Disney's Winnie the Pooh

Canada 1996 Mint Commemorative Sheet of 4
A childhood favorite makes an imaginary trip through time, beginning as a cub in the White River, Canada in 1914 and winding up more than 80 years later as an adult bear celebrating the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World.


Donald Celebrates 50 Years - 1984 Sierra Leone Complete Mint Set of 9

Donald Duck celebrates his 50th birthday with this amusing set picturing the ageless canard in some of his greatest moments, from his earliest Disney films to the U.S. Bicentennial and the opening of Tokyo Disneyland. More...

Donald Duck - Caribbean Cruise Holiday

1984 Antigua Mint Set of 2 Commemorative Sheets More...

Mickey's 70th Birthday - 1999 Complete Mint Set of 20

You’ll love the heartwarming scenes from classic Mickey Mouse comic strips on this first Disney issue from the Central African Republic! Each of the 4 sheets has 5 stamps and a label celebrating Mickey’s 70th birthday. From 1930 until 1975 artist Floyd Gottfredson was responsible for Mickey’s comic adventures.


Port. Disney Sht/9 - 2001 Mint Sheet of 9 from Portugal

Can we even imagine a world without the magic of Disney! This special Disney Centenary pictures the creative genius surrounded by Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and some of their – and our – best loved cartoon characters. Be a kid again! (Actual size: 6 1/4” x 5 1/8”)



#3865S- 37¢ Disney: Friendship - Set of 4

Friendship is a recurring theme in many Disney films, 4 types of friendship are conveyed in their relationships on these postage stamps. The zany, fun-loving antics of Mickey and his pals; Bambi and Thumper exemplifying childhood best friends; Mufasa and Simba showing the powerful bond between parent and child; Jiminy Cricket mentoring Pinocchio's transition from puppet into a boy. Scott 3865-68 Disney Friendship

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#3912S- 37¢ Disney: Celebrations - Set of 4

Friendships, celebration and romance are common in all Disney films. In this Art of Disney series you can see the happiness and joy in the eyes of all the characters found on these 4 postage stamps. Scott 3912-15 Disney Celebrations

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#4025S- 39¢ Disney: Romance - Set of 4

Love is in the air with these classic Disney couples. Let Lady and the Tramp, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Belle and the Beast, and Cinderella and Prince Charming tug at your heart strings as you relive the tender moments of their unions all over again. Scott 4025-28 Disney: Romance

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#4192S- 41¢ Disney: Magic - Set of 4

The wonderful world of Disney is no stranger to the wizarding ways of witchcraft. Magical characters have been prevalent in many of Walt Disney’s classic works, often bestowing their gifts upon the protagonist to aid in the story’s adventure. Each tale often leaves the characters discovering something important about themselves, and learning that they do not need magic to accomplish their goals. Scott 4192-95 Disney: Magic

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#4342S- 42¢ Art of Disney: Imagination - Set of 4

For more than 90 years, Walt Disney has captured the hearts and minds of millions with his classic heart-warming characters and vivid animation of timeless fairy tales. This set of 4 stamps gives us a glimpse into the wonderful world of Disney, featuring Steamboat Willie, who would eventually evolve into the Mickey Mouse that we know today. We also see Sleeping Beauty, based on the original French story by Charles Perrault; Pongo, one of the pups from 101 Dalmatians, based on the original novel by Dodie Smith; and Mowgli and Baloo from The Jungle Book, a collection of stories by Rudyard Kipling. Scott 4342-45 Art of Disney: Imagination

Order 82mm Mount Strips (No Pre-cut size available)