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  • Lost Nations
Wondering where in the world some of these Lost Nations are? For many of these lands postage stamps are some of the affordable artifacts that tell the story behind short-lived revolts ... losses through war ... the consolidation of territory or simply a name change to reflect independence.



Bremen # 3 - Unused, VF

7gr Coat of Arms, black on yellow

Sound, no gum




Brunswick # 5 - Unused, F-VF

1/3gr Leaping Horse, black

Sound, no gum





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1967 Complete Mint Set of 10

Located 60 miles north of the port of Aden in Yemen, the Sultanate of Upper Yafa declared its independence in the 1960s. The British-supported South Arabian Federation and two rival groups, the National Liberation Front (NLF) and the Front for the Liberation of Occupied South Yemen (FLOSY), fought for control in the region. 50 years ago, in September 1967 Upper Yafa issued their first postage stamps, incorporating the flag, map and coat of arms of this 600 square mile nation. Its freedom would be short-lived as the National Liberation Front dominated and made all of the emirates, sultanates and sheikdoms of this politically tumultuous region unite to form the nation of South Yemen in November 1967.

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300 Ajman

Now part of the United Arab Emirates, the Sheikdom of Ajman issued its own stamps from 1964 to 1973. Stamps from this oil-rich city-state include every topic imaginable, from priceless art treasures, Olympics and world leaders to space, automobiles and wildlife. More...

25 Bavaria

25 Bavaria More...

50 Bavaria

50 Bavaria More...

100 Bavaria

100 Bavaria More...

50 Bohemia-Moravia

When the Nazi war machine overran Czechoslovakia in 1939, two of the nation's key provinces, Bohemia and Moravia, became occupied German protectorates. Five years of fascinating issues under forcible Nazi rule feature landmarks, native costumes, and Adolf Hitler. Our largest collection contains more than 80% of all stamps ever issued! More...

100 Germany, East

100 Germany, East More...

300 Germany, East

300 East German Stamps More...

500 Germany, East

500 Germany, East More...

25 Newfoundland

25 Newfoundland More...

50 Newfoundland

50 Newfoundland More...

200 Saar

Situated on the border between Germany and France the Saar region was shuffled like a pawn during much of the 20th century. After World War I it was administered by the League of Nations from 1920 to 1935, when it then returned to Germany. At the end of World War II Saar became a French Protectorate for 12 years. It reverted back to German control in 1957 and its final postage stamps were issued over 50 years ago in 1959 More...
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