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200 Nudes

Throughout history, great artists have been drawn to the human form as subject for some of their most ambitious and admired works. This remarkable philatelic art gallery reproduces masterpieces from the world’s most respected museums and private collections. More...

300 Nudes

300 Nudes More...

200 Paintings

Art Masterpieces at Less than 7¢ Each! Create your own philatelic art museum with this all-different collection of famous masterpieces from the Medieval Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Romantic, and Impressionist periods -- each reproduced in the exact colors of the original. More...

300 Paintings

300 Paintings More...

500 Paintings

500 Paintings More...

Russia #4640-44

1978 Complete Set of 5
Paintings by Boris Kustodiev More...

Russia #3976-82

1972 Complete Set of 7
History of Russian Paintings More...

Central African Rep #C308-10

1985 Complete Set of 3
Christmas Paintings More...

Russia #4608A-F

1977 Complete Set of 6
Masterpieces of old Russian Culture More...

Korea, North #4676

2007 Complete Commemorative Sheet
70th Anniversary of the Battle of Pochonbo More...

Korea, North #4668

2007 Complete Commemorative Sheet
Paintings of Kim Il Sung More...

Chad Renior Paintings

2000 Complete Set of 9
Renior Nudes More...

Art Masterpieces - 1952 Complete Mint Never-Hinged Set of 3

The Royal Family of Liechtenstein owns one of the world’s largest private art collections. This set pictures paintings by Savolodo, Botticelli and Del Sarto. (Liechtenstein #261-63)


Russia #5960-63

1991 Complete Mint Set of 4
Paintings by S.F. Shchedrin & A.I. Kuindzhi More...