Stamp Errors add a special visual impact and value to your collection! Postage stamp errors are great fun to own and are exciting to show to friends and family. Few collectors can boast about owning these impressive errors due to their limited quantities.

Aging Together Mis-Perf
Flag Over Capitol Mis-Perf

   Mis-Perforated Errors are the most common type of errors. Some perforation shifts are quite dramatic.

 Fort McHenry Flag Imperf
John Paul Jones Imperf Error

  Imperforate Errors result when the perforations are absent from a normal perforated stamp. Most imperforates are sold as pairs to fully show the extent of the error.

Stamp Collecting Missing Color Error

 Printing Errors occur when a color is omitted or inverted. Design Errors are due to a mistake in the production of a stamp like the Recalled Legends of the West error. The most famous inverted U.S. error is the Inverted Jenny airmail.