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Considered one of the oldest games, it can be played anywhere there is an open space and a ball. It's no wonder soccer is the most widely-played and watched sporting event on earth. You'll see goals, speed and agility as well as coveted World Cup issues in every collection! More...

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2002 World Cup - Complete Mint Set of 32 Stamps

The Most Watched Event on Earth!

 2002 WORLD CUP - Save $3

Mint Set of 32 Stamps

 For the first time in history two separate countries, South Korea and Japan, played host to 32 qualifying teams vying for soccer’s coveted World Cup Trophy.  Every 4 years billions of passionate fans from 213 nations are captivated as they watch soccer’s most-prized tournament.  In the 2002 finals game alone over 1.1 billion watched Brazil defeat Germany. Order the Mint Set of 32 individual stamps - each features the Official Team photograph from the competing nations. 


Also available - 32 Mint Sheets


Malawi # 482-85

1986 Complete Mint Set of 4
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