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100 Flowers

A Colorful Bouquet from Around the World


Nothing is more pleasing to the senses than the delicate fragrance and beautiful colors of a bouquet of flowers.  Add this philatelic flower garden to your collection and save $1.50 off our regular price!


100 Flowers – Regularly $7
Kenmore Online Special – Only $5.50


200 Flowers

A gardener's paradise with beautiful roses … brilliant sunflowers … delightful flowering cactus… bright water lilies…delicate wildflowers! Indeed, acres of flowers from every corner of the world await you in this giant philatelic garden. Guaranteed to brighten the pages of your collection. More...

Korea, North #4727

2008 Complete Commemorative Sheet
Kimjongilia Begonia More...

Korea, North #4729

2008 Complete Commemorative Sheet
66th Birthday of Kim Jong Il - Flowers More...

Russia #4565-69

1977 Complete Set of 5
Siberian Flowers More...

300 Flowers

300 Flowers More...

500 Flowers

500 Flowers More...