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Since Man first dreamed of flight, he has found an amazing variety of ways to achieve it. From the majesty of the hot-air balloon and the sleek purity of the silent glider, to the jet-propelled thrill of traveling at the speed of sound. More...

Liechtenstein C1-6 - 1930 Complete Mint Set of 6

Take a flight back in time over the tiny Principality of Liechtenstein! Issued in 1930, with the establishment of regular airmail service between Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, and St. Gallen, Switzerland, this attractive set pictures early single-engine planes over snow-capped Alpine peaks, Vaduz Castle and the Rhine Valley. (#C1-6)


200 Aviation

200 Aviation More...



Legendary Jet Fighters

1995 Marshall Islands Complete Mint Sheet of 25

A who's who of 25 legendary jet fighters from countries around the world. On this colorful 7 x 9 inch mint sheet you'll see an amazing 50 years of aviation fighter history - from Nazi Germany's first operational Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter in World War II ... to the feared supersonic Soviet MiG-21, F-14 Tomcat and F-16 Falcon plus 21 more.

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Legendary U.S. Navy Aircraft - Marshall Islands 1998 Complete Mint Sheet of 25

This breathtaking retrospective captures the extraordinary evolution of U.S. Naval Aircraft, from the NC-4, the first plane to cross the Atlantic, to the F/A-18 Hornet, the nation's first strike-fighter. Full sheet measures an impressive 6" x 8". (#666a-666y) More...

Guadalcanal - 1992 Solomon Is - 2 Mint Sheets of 10

Images past and present serve as reminders of one of the most bitterly contested struggles of the Pacific World War II theater. Centerpiece images of Henderson Field and Night Action off Savo Island mark a half century since the Battle for Guadalcanal. More...

D-Day Aircraft - 2004 Sierra Leone Commemorative Sheet

D-Day Aircraft Sheet of 8


This mint sheet of 8 stamps pictures some of the over 1600 aircraft used in the Allied invasion of Normandy – including the British Spitfire and Typhoon, and the American P-51 Mustang, C-47 Skytrain and P-38 Lightning.


Greece 1st Airmails

1926 Complete Mint Set of 4

Known as the "Patagonia Issue", these stamps were issued for airmail letters sent from Greece to Italy, Rhodes and Turkey. Picturing an unusual twin-hulled flying boat and printed in beautiful pastel colors, this attractive set - one of the first multicolor issues - has long been a favorite of collectors. (#C1-4)