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Russia #5085-89

1982 Complete Mint Set of 5
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Bulgaria #3688-89

1992 Complete Set of 2
Columbus Discovery of America 500th Anniversary More...

Benin #1040-44

1997 Set of 5
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Russia #4223-26

1974 Complete Set of 4
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Russia #4897-99

1981 Complete Set of 3
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Antigua Man-of-War

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Experience a thrilling 18th century naval battle with this exciting commemorative sheet!  The powerful Man-of-War ships were the "heavy guns" of naval fleets, heavily armed and often used to fight pirates in the Caribbean.  Hiding just beyond the horizon while escorting merchant ships, many pirate ships were warded off by these 3-masted masters of the sea!


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HMAS Australia - Flagship of the Australian Navy

Fascinating Commemorative Sheet Showing Progressive Printing Colors

Stately defender of the South Pacific in World War I, the HMAS Australia was instrumental in driving the Germans from their Pacific outposts in New Guinea and Samoa, and then protected the British Isles from German attacks in the North Sea! 

This attractive commemorative sheet from the Marshall Islands, a former German colony, shows the legendary battleship in the Firth of Forth, on the east coast of Scotland, at the height of the war in 1915.  This sheet measures 4½ x 7½ inches and was issued in 1999 to publicize the Marshall Islands Post Office's participation at the Australia 99 World Stamp Expo.  The interesting progression of color can be seen from the circles underneath each image that shows the addition of cyan, magenta, yellow and black to the full-color image of the actual postage stamp.

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Tanzania # 986-92

1992 Complete Set of 7
Columbus Discovery of America 500th Anniversary More...

Russia #2779-82

1963 Complete Set of 4
The Antarctic - Continent of Peace More...

Titanic Centennial - 2012 Mint Sheet of 4 Stamps & Commemorative Sheet

At the time of its launch in 1912, it was the largest ocean liner ever built. Packed with over 2200 passengers and crew, including immigrants as well as some of the world’s wealthiest people, it struck an iceberg five days into its maiden voyage and sank in the cold North Atlantic, taking 1500 lives with it. This set pays tribute to the 100th anniversary of the tragic disaster and shows the Titanic under construction and its launch from Southampton, and includes some stunning photographs showing the immense scale of this massive ship.





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Mighty naval warships from the age of antiquity through the Roman, Spanish and British Empires to America's powerful World War II fleet sail the high seas on this gorgeous mint sheet of 25 from the Marshall Islands. Detailed historically-accurate paintings depict history's most well-known fighting ships, from ancient Viking Longships and Roman Galleys, Henry VIII's Mary Rose, Nelson's HMS Victory, John Paul Jones' Bonhomme Richard, up to the mighty battleships of the 20th Century including the Bismarck, USS Missouri, and the aircraft carrier USS Hornet. Sheet Measures 9 1/4" x 7 1/2". (Marshall Is. #680)


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500 Ships - An Armada from 25 Nations!

A fantastic flotilla of tall ships, warships, Chinese junks and fabled passenger liners, plus submarines, ice-breakers, tugboats, tankers and the flagships of famous explorers! At a mere 10¢ a stamp, it’s the smart time to book passage! More...

1000 Ships

1000 Ships More...

Legendary U.S. Navy Aircraft - Marshall Islands 1998 Complete Mint Sheet of 25

This breathtaking retrospective captures the extraordinary evolution of U.S. Naval Aircraft, from the NC-4, the first plane to cross the Atlantic, to the F/A-18 Hornet, the nation's first strike-fighter. Full sheet measures an impressive 6" x 8". (#666a-666y) More...

Spain Honors Columbus!

1992 Mint Set of 6 Commemorative Sheets
A joint issue with the U.S. created for the 500th Anniversary of Columbus' voyage. Spain utilized the original designs from the first U.S. commemoratives, the 1893 Columbians!





Save 33% on this 1999 Mint Sheet of 16

Marshall Islands honors four historic sailing ships from the days when brave and adventurous European explorers first mapped these Pacific islands: the Spanish Galleon Los Reyes which traveled over 17,000 miles between 1567 and 1569 in search of new lands; the English Frigate Dolphin which discovered Tahiti in 1767; the Barque Scarborough captained by John Marshall, whom the Marshall Islands are named after; and the Russian Brig Rurick, which left Russia in 1815 to find a subarctic passage across the North American continent and explored much of the Pacific on its 3-year voyage. (Marshall Islands #713)

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1993-1995 Mint Set of 21

Sail the high seas with this colorful mint set depicting famous historic ships. From historic Tall Ships and schooners to modern warships and Coast Guard cutters, these stamps are sure to delight. Enjoy a savings of 65% off its $28 catalog value!


America's Cup Collection - Includes 44 Page Album, Stamp Mounts, 50 Mint Stamps!

The World's most famous yacht race! In 1986 the Solomon Is. released this 50 stamp collection honoring the most coveted trophy in sailing history on the 135th Anniversary of the First America’s Cup Race! This majestic sailing collection also includes a $5 Commemorative Sheet showing the winner, U.S. Stars and Stripes. Thrill to the beauty of these sleek racing boats under full sail as you trace the course of America's Cup heritage in this beautiful mint collection! More...