• Olympics

Mongolia # 873-79

1975 Complete Mint Set of 7
1976 Innsbruck Winter Olympics More...

Korea, North Beijing Olympics

2007 Complete Commemorative Sheet
Beijing Olympics Sheet of 5 More...

Mexico Olympics - Yugoslavia 1968 Complete Mint Set of 6

As with most Iron Curtain nations during the cold war, Yugoslavia had a powerful Olympics team and a major presence at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, winning 3 gold medals, 3 silver and 2 bronze. This finely-engraved set pictures their strongest sports, including gymnastics, basketball, water polo and wrestling. (#918-23) More...


Rome Summer Olympics - 1960 Romania Mint Never-Hinged Set of 5

To commemorate their participation in the 1960 Summer Olympics held in Rome, Romania issued this unusual set of 5 stamps and 2 labels printed in strips that when placed together form the familiar Olympic rings. They picture some of Romania’s strongest Olympic sports: diving, gymnastics, high jump (for which they won a gold medal), boxing and canoeing. Ironically, the Romanian capital of Bucharest placed a bid to host the 1960 Olympics, the first city of the Eastern Bloc to bid for the Olympics. (Romania #1326-30)





Save 40% on this 2008 Mint Sheet from Venezuela

Venezuela commemorates its participation in the 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing with this colorful action-packed mint sheet of 4 Beijing Olympic stamps picturing swimming, weight lifting, wrestling and fencing, as well as additional sports and medal winners in the margin. Save 40% off its regular price! Sheet measures 8" x 4¾". (Venezuela #1686)

Venezuela 2008 Olympics Mint Sheet of 4 - Regularly $5.00
Kenmore Online Special Only $3.00




Beijing Olympics - Save 25% on this 2008 Complete Mint Set of 6

Some of the most memorable images of the 2008 Olympics were the innovative venues built to host the events, including the unusual Aquatics Center, nicknamed the "Water Cube", that appears to be covered with water bubbles, and the National Indoor Stadium, known as "The Fan" for its design resembling a traditional folding fan. Rekindle memories of those incredible games with this colorful set of 6 stamps issued by the People's Republic of China showing these well-known venues.

China Olympics Venues - Regularly $4.00
Kenmore Online Special Only $3.00


500 Olympics

The world's strongest, fastest, most graceful and enduring athletes are honored in this outstanding Olympic collection. Feel the intense excitement as individuals and teams complete in boxing, track & field events, swimming, wrestling, bicycling, hockey, bobsledding skiing, skating and ove two dozen other exciting sports. More...

300 Olympics

300 Olympics More...

100 Olympics

100 Olympics More...

Spectacular Summer Olympic Games stamps

100 Spectacular Summer Olympic Games stamps The Summer Olympic Games is a dizzying, exciting, non-stop festival of sport that has inspired the most extraordinary array of colorful stamps imaginable. Recall all the glory and the spectacle that is the world's greatest gathering of athletes. More...

Mongolia Olympics Centennial

1996 Mint Sheet of 18

This colorful sheet of 18 stamps and 7 labels celebrates the Centennial Olympic Games held in Atlanta and pictures 9 sports including Mongolia's national sports of archery and wrestling. Sheet measures 9 3/8" x 7 1/8".


Olympics Centennial Sheet Missing Color Errror

Mongolia 1996 Perforated Mint Issue Missing Black

The black inscriptions are completely missing from this sheet of 18 stamps issued to commemorate the 1996 Atlanta Olympics! Also available is the sheet with complete inscriptions to accompany this spectacular error. Sheet measures 9 3/8" x 7 1/8"


Olympics Imperforate Error

Mongolia 1996 Imperforate Mint Issue Missing Black

Two errors in one! Not only are the black inscriptions missing from this sheet of 9 stamps issued to commemorate the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, but it is also completely imperforate! Sheet measures 9 3/8" x 7 1/8"


Japan's First Olympics

1961-1964 Complete Mint Set of 20
In preparation for the 1964 Tokyo Summer Games, Japan released these colorful Olympic commemoratives in the rarely-seen diamond shape. Twenty different events are featured including judo, boxing, gymnastics, water polo, diving, basketball, cycling and soccer.