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The Greatest Invasion - 2004 Sierra Leone Set of 4 Mint Sheets

2004 Sierra Leone Set of 4 Mint Sheets


On June 6, 1944, Allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy in what was the largest invasion in history. Shortly after midnight, 24,000 airborne troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of northwestern France, followed by an amphibious landing at 6:30 in the morning of nearly 160,000 brave American, British and Canadian troops with one goal: to break through the German line of defense and liberate France from Nazi control. While casualties were massive on both sides, the invasion of Normandy, which came to be known as D-Day, marked a turning point in World War II. Within two months, Paris was liberated, and by the spring of 1945 Hitler's "thousand year empire" had been destroyed.


On the 60th anniversary of D-Day, Sierra Leone issued an attractive and informative set of sheets commemorating the various elements of the invasion. The first sheet of 8 stamps honors the airborne invasion and its leaders, General Eisenhower and Field Marshall Montgomery. The tribute to the airborne assault continues of a second sheet of 8 stamps picturing some of the hundreds of fighters and bombers involved in the midnight invasion, including the Spitfire and the P-51 Mustang. A third sheet of 8 stamps pays tribute to both the aerial and amphibious invasions including the powerful Sherman tank and the landing craft carrying our brave soldiers. A fourth sheet includes 6 stamps picturing the leaders of the D-Day invasion: General Eisenhower, Rear Admiral Moon, Lt. General Bradley, Rear Admiral Kirk, Major General Huebner, and Major General Taylor. Thanks to the wise planning of these experienced military leaders, the war quickly turned in favor of the Allies and a European victory was within reach.


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D-Day Generals and Paratroopers - 2004 Sierra Leone Commemorative Sheet

Generals and Paratroopers Sheet of 8


American General Eisenhower and British Field Marshal Montgomery led over 15,000 American parachutists in the first stage of the Normandy D-Day invasion.  This mint sheet of 8 stamps pictures the commanders along with aircraft and tributes to the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions.


D-Day Aircraft - 2004 Sierra Leone Commemorative Sheet

D-Day Aircraft Sheet of 8


This mint sheet of 8 stamps pictures some of the over 1600 aircraft used in the Allied invasion of Normandy – including the British Spitfire and Typhoon, and the American P-51 Mustang, C-47 Skytrain and P-38 Lightning.


D-Day Landing - 2004 Sierra Leone Commemorative Sheet

D-Day Landing Sheet of 8


On June 6, 1944, over 150,000 troops invaded Normandy, breaking the Nazi control of France and marking a turning point in World War II.  This informative sheet pays tribute to the brave troops that risked their lives in the massive air and sea invasion.


D-Day Military Leaders

Military Leaders Sheet of 6


This sheet of 6 stamps pictures the leaders of the D-Day invasion: General Eisenhower, Rear Admiral Moon, Lt. General Bradley, Rear Admiral Kirk, Major General Huebner, and Major General Taylor.  Thanks to the wise planning of these experienced military leaders, the war quickly turned in favor of the Allies and a European victory was within reach.




#2559 - 1941 World at War (1991) - Set of 10

Prior to our military involvement in December 1941 with the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. had already started to prepare for war by instituting the first peacetime draft.  President Roosevelt signed the Atlantic Charter with Winston Churchill and pushed Congress to pass the Lend-Lease Act to help our allies.  America became the arsenal of democracy as convoys sailed from U.S. to ports in England and Russia laden vital supplies and weapons.  Scott US #2559 29¢ A World at War

Order Pre-cut Mounts 229 x 131 mm




#2697 - 1942 Into Battle (1992) - sheet of 10

This sheet of 10 stamps commemorates the US commitment and involvement in World War II. Naval battles, infantry advances and air bombing campaigns are shown, as well as highlights from the war effort at home through rationing and women joining the war effort. The sheet also features a map showing major skirmishes and battles as well as enemy territory as of 1942. Scott 2697 Into Battle

Order Pre-cut Mounts 229 x 131 mm




#2765 - Turning the Tide (1993) - sheet of 10

By 1943, the Allies had been fiercely battling the Axis powers across Europe and vast swaths of the Pacific. British bombers finally reached Berlin and began unloading thousands of tons of bombs on the city, and in the Pacific theatre the Americans were leapfrogging from island to atoll on their way to the Japanese mainland. This "Turning the Tide" commemorative sheet marks the 50th anniversary of an important point in the fighting, as the Allies halted the enemies’ advances on all fronts and momentum began shifting in their favor. The war was years from being over, but the tide had finally begun to shift. Scott 2765 Turning the Tide

Order Pre-cut Mounts 229 x 131 mm




#2838 - 1994 Road to Victory - sheet of 10

After halting the advance of Axis powers, by 1944 the United States and their allies were ready to begin pushing the enemy back, and on June 6th, 1944 a massive landing was launched on the beaches of Normandy, France. The US Navy, Marines and Air Force also drove back Japanese forces in the Pacific, retaking New Guinea and bombing vital Japanese supply bases. By December of the same year, Allied forces clashed with the Germans in Northern France during the Battle of the Bulge. Both sides saw some of the fiercest fighting of the War, though this would mark Germany's last major offensive attack. Scott 2838 Road to Victory

Order Pre-cut Mounts 229 x 131 mm


200 Hitler's Germany

A Powerful Collection Over Half a Century Old! Fascinating Mint and Used pre-war and wartime issues, plus seldom-seen German occupation stamps of Poland, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia and Latvia! Produced while under heavy aerial bombardment, the war issues are remarkable for their quality of design and printing! More...

Korea/US Occupation - 1946 Complete Mint Never-Hinged Set of 6

A nearly forgotten era of American and Korean history! Following the surrender of Japan and the end of World War II, administration of Korea was divided along the 38th Parallel, with the south coming under United States military administration and the hope that a unified government could soon be established. Stamps left behind by the Japanese occupation were overprinted in Korean currency for use in the American zone. (Korea #55-60)


German Occup. Latvia - 1941 Mint Set of 4

After the invasion of Russian controlled Latvia in 1941, Germany overprinted existing Russian stamps for their newly occupied territory. German forces would not be repelled from this area until February 1945. Own a piece of little known WWII history from an extremely tumultuous area on the eastern front.


300 Hitler's Germany

300 Hitler's Germany More...

Czech. War Heroes - 1945 Complete Mint Set of 16

Occupied by Nazi Germany from 1939 to 1945, Czechoslovakia celebrated its liberation with this set depicting military heroes - including soldiers from the British, French and Russian Armies who helped in their resistance movement. This series is known as the “London Issue” because it was printed in London by Thomas De La Rue. (Czechoslovakia #272-87)


150 Poland General Government - German Occupied Poland

1939-1944: Wartime Collection of 150!

Following the German invasion of Poland in 1939, Hitler's puppet government issued postage stamps for both mail delivery and propaganda purposes. 165 of these "General Government" stamp varieties were released during the brutal German occupation - over 90% of them are included in this collection!


1944 Hitler's War Machines - Complete Mint Set of 13

Hitler's second war machine set was issued to commemorate Hero Memorial Day. Note the inscription change to "GrossDeutsches Reich" or "Great German Empire". More...

Hitlers Last Set - 1945 Mint Never-Hinged Imperforate Set of 2 in Portfolio

Few collectors are aware that Hitler’s last issue was released both perforate and imperforate only days before the fall of Berlin and the collapse of the Third Reich. We have located a small quantity of the less common imperforate set of 2 and have preserved it in a gold-titled album portfolio that includes a timeline of the fall of Nazi Germany and details about each stamp.


Italy M5-7 - 1943 Mint Set of 3

Issued during the final year of Mussolini's Fascist regime, contemporary Italian stamps were over-printed "P.M." ("Posta Militare") for use by World War II soldiers wishing to send mail home to their families. More...

German Occupation of Jersey - 1941 Mint Set of 2

Just a dozen miles off the coast of France, Jersey and her Channel Island neighbors were the only tracts of European British soil occupied by the Nazis in WWII. Yet on liberation, paper and ink were so scarce that these historic stamps were used for another year! More...

Hitler's 54th Birthday

1943 Germany Complete Mint Set of 6
With typical pompous arrogance "der Fuhrer" surrounded himself with emblems of past glory and might in this portrait stamp marking his 54th birthday. A fascinating reminder of one of the darkest periods of the 20th century.


1943 Hitler's War Machines - Complete Mint Set of 12

A provocative look at how Hitler’s blitzkrieg overpowered Europe! These all-different, finely-printed issues features specialized troops of the Nazi Wehrmacht (War Machine) and the tools of destruction they used in their ruthless quest for world domination! More...

Incredible World War II Forgery - 1944 French Resistance Forgery Mint Single

1944 French Resistance Forgery Created for Secret Underground Mailings!

The daring French Resistance created this postal forgery of the 1.5 franc Marshal Petain to mail clandestine leaflets and anti-German propaganda inside France and then boldly used the Vichy Government's Postal Service that was loyal to Hitler and the Nazis to deliver their message!
While it is easy for stamp collectors to distinguish the forgery from the genuine stamp by comparing the perforations, this remarkable forgery went undetected during the war. Had this operation been discovered, any individual caught with these stamps would have certainly been interrogated by the Gestapo and likely executed, so secrecy and trust within the French Resistance was essential.

Kenmore has found a small cache of these fascinating old forgeries. Rarely seen, you can own one of these secret French Underground Forgeries at a very affordable price!

Full Sheet of 24 also available


German Hitler Heads - 1942-1944 Complete Mint, Never-Hinged Set of 25

Der Fuhrer ordered production of these issues for his own commemoration and demanded a royalty for every stamp bearing his portrait! This highly sought-after World War II set, including 17 finely engraved issues, is increasingly difficult to obtain! More...

French Resistance Forgery Mint Sheet of 24

1944 Full Mint Sheet of 24

This very rare full mint pane of 24 "Faux Petain" espionage forgeries was printed by the French Underground to frank mailings of clandestine literature in early 1944 prior to the liberation of France from Nazi control.  A purple handstamp on the reverse of the pane covers 6 stamps and reads ""Defense de la France - Direction / Atelier des Faux" ("French Underground - Directorate / Forgery Bureau") and shows the Cross of Lorraine, the symbol of the Free French.  Secretly printed by the Underground in primitive wartime conditions on ungummed paper, the difference between the forgery and the Vichy France postal issue is obvious.  Considering the risks of producing forgeries in Nazi-occupied France, and the potential disaster if the Underground was discovered, it's amazing that this pane survived the war! 

This is a great opportunity to own a creation of the French Underground movement in the rarely seen full pane format!

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