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Vietnam #2118-24

1990 Complete Set of 7
Columbus Discovery of America 500th Anniversary More...

Tanzania # 986-92

1992 Complete Set of 7
Columbus Discovery of America 500th Anniversary More...

Bulgaria #3688-89

1992 Complete Set of 2
Columbus Discovery of America 500th Anniversary More...

Portugal Columbus - 1992 Mint Set of 6 Commemorative Sheets

A joint issue between the U.S. and Italy, Portugal and Spain for the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ voyage created these attractive sheets identical in design to the U.S. issue and reproducing the entire “Columbian” series from 1893 for a special multinational salute!




Mexico Columbus

Save over 40% on this 1987 Mint Issue


Christopher Columbus established a lasting contact between Europe and America and initiated a period of European exploration and colonization that lasted several centuries.


Mexico was one of the first nations to pay tribute to the 500th anniversary of the 1492 voyage of Columbus with this large 1987 commemorative issue showing his flagship Santa Maria and the emblem of the "Discovery of America Festival" held in Mexico in 1992. Order this colorful tribute and save $1.50 off its international catalog price!


Mexico Discovery of America Online Special ... Only $2.00






#2616 - 29¢ World Columbian Expo

The World Columbian Stamp Exposition was held nearly one hundred years after the Columbian stamp series was issued. The image on this stamp is a portion of John Vanderlyn's painting "The Landing of Columbus." This painting had also been used as the model for the two-cent Columbian, by far the most common stamp of the Columbian Issue. Scott 2616 World Columbian Expo

Order Pre-cut Mounts 25 x 40 mm - 40 per pack






#2624S - Columbus Discovery of America - Set of 6 sheets

Officially produced from the actual 1893 steel -engraving dies, each of these six dramatic 1992 commemorative sheets duplicate all 16 designs of the 1893 Columbian Series - America's First Commemoratives!

Order Pre-cut Mounts 111 x 91 mm


Italy Columbus Sheets

1992 Complete Mint Set of 6 Sheets
For the 500th Anniversary of Columbus' Voyage to the U.S., Spain, Portugal and Italy created a joint-issue honoring the brave explorer. Add these seldom-seen Italian commemorative sheets to your collection! (Sheet size - 4-3/8 x 3-5/8 inches)


Spain Honors Columbus!

1992 Mint Set of 6 Commemorative Sheets
A joint issue with the U.S. created for the 500th Anniversary of Columbus' voyage. Spain utilized the original designs from the first U.S. commemoratives, the 1893 Columbians!


Tribute to John Glenn - The Right Stuff!

1998 Mint Set of 6 & Commemorative Sheet!

In 1962 John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth aboard his Mercury Friendship 7 spacecraft. From blastoff to splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean five hours later, millions of Americans were captivated by his historic, 3-orbit flight.

Glenn received a hero's welcome at home and NASA had its first astronaut to match the Russian orbital flights of Yuri Gagarin and Gherman Titov. Not wanting to risk losing a national hero, a Presidential order kept Glenn from space until 36 years later when he became the "oldest man in space" aboard the 10-day Space Shuttle Discovery mission.

The Marshall Islands honored these two missions with this marvelous set highlighting both historic flights - comparing the 1962 and 1998 liftoffs, spaceships and John Glenn. The commemorative sheet features the 1962 U.S. "Man in Space" issue - a stamp prepared in secrecy and sent to post offices in sealed packages marked "Top Secret", not to be opened until the successful completion of the mission!


British Antarctic Explorers - 1973 Complete Mint Set of 15

Great Britain was one of the first nations to establish post offices at its Antarctic research stations. This attractive set shows two centuries of polar explorers and their crafts, from James Cook and the "Resolution" to Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance" and Lincoln Ellsworth and the "Polar Star" airplane. (British Antarctic #45a-59a) More...

Voyages of Columbus

1988-1992 5 Mint Commemorative Sheets
Leading up to Columbus' 500th anniversary of his Discovery of the New World the Bahamas celebrated with this attractive set of 5 commemorative sheets. Columbus first landed in the Bahamas at San Salvador. (Bahamas #644, 667, 692, 729, 753). Order now & save over $16 More...