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1881-1882 Re-engraved Designs #206-209

When the contract and engraving plates passed to the American Bank Note Company in 1879, a soft, porous paper was employed. To produce a sharper image on this softer paper the 1¢, 3¢, 6¢ and 10¢ stamp designs were re-engraved.

How to Identify the Re-Engraved Designs
Original   Re-Engraved
1 cent regular

1¢ Franklin (#206) - The re-engraved has small crescents added to each of the upper left balls.

1 cent re-engraved
3 cent regular

3¢ Washington (#207) - The shading outside the medallion oval on the re-engraved is about hakf of the shading width on the original 3¢ issues, and a line has been added under the "TS" of "CENTS"

3 cent re-engraved
6 cent regular

6¢ Lincoln (#208) - There are 3 distinct vertical lines on the re-engraved Lincoln.  For the original designs there are 4 faint vertical lines.  The lines on the re-engraved overall are much more pronounced.

6 cent re-engraved
10 cent regular

10¢ Jefferson (#209) - There are 4 vertical lines between the oval and the edge of the shield on the re-engraved Jefferson.  The original banknote designs have 5 lines.  Do no include the frame line or shield edge when counting.

10 cent re-engraved