Stamps-on-ApprovalKenmore Stamps-On-Approval Service

Our website reflects a small portion of our constantly-changing postage stamp inventory. Thousands of our customers choose to receive Stamps-on-Approval because it gives them first-crack at the one-of-a-kind sets pulled from old collections and dealer's stocks – affordable stamps and sets you will never see in our catalog or online because they are quickly snapped up by our customers who receive Stamps-on-Approval.

How it Works

With hundreds of countries throughout the world issuing postage stamps a new collector may wonder how to get started. Kenmore can help with our unique Stamps-on-Approval Service that sends you selections of postage stamps to preview on 15-day examination in the comfort of your home. You select only those sets that are the most appealing to you for your collection and return the rest.  Best of all you get to see a world full of beautiful stamps before you spend a penny!

Getting Stamps-on-Approval is not just for collectors new to the hobby.  In fact advanced collectors benefit by getting countries, colonial empires or topics that they are interested in. Go to our  Stamps-on-Approval Request page and tell us how often you want a shipment, your budget and any special notes on country, topic or condition requirements. It is that easy!

Turning your Online Wish List into a Stamps-on-Approval Want List

If you have already created a Wish List on this site you have the option to turn it into a Stamp Want List where we send you exactly the stamps you request on 15-Day Free Examination. Check out Kenmore's Wish List to Want List page for more information.

Stamps-on-Approval Frequently Asked Questions

What is my obligation? 
It is very simple. When you receive a Stamp-on-Approval shipment we provide a 15-day free examination period so you can select the stamps that interest you the most. You are responsible for returning those stamps which you don’t want in the convenient return envelope along with your payment. There is no minimum purchase requirement.

When does my 15-day examination start?
Your 15-day free examination period begins on the day you receive it.

How much do you expect me to buy?
Half the fun of collecting postage stamps comes just from looking through selections from Kenmore’s vast stock of beautiful, fascinating stamps that we import from around the world.
That’s why we send you more stamps on approval than you will likely buy ... because your best fun is selecting only those stamps that appeal to you the most. You keep the best ones for yourself and return the rest.

How often do you send shipments?
Shipments are sent approximately every 4 to 6 weeks. However, you can specify if you want them more or less frequently.

Can I make special requests?
Of course you can! No two customers collect the same way so if we didn’t send what you wanted, please let us know. On the back of every Stamps-on-Approval invoice there is a place for you to make your requests known.

Are Stamps-on-Approvals only for new collectors?
Collectors at all levels have utilized Stamps-on-Approvals to build their collections. In fact, the more advanced and specialized collectors probably benefit the most from receiving approvals.
Go to our  Stamps-on-Approval Request page