Guide to Collecting Stamps

How to Collect Stamps

We want collecting stamps to reward you with many years of pleasure and relaxation. It all began in 1840 when Great Britain issued the Penny Black, the world’s very first postage stamp. Since that time millions upon millions of hobbyists have experienced the joys of stamp collecting. Kenmore helps bring the FUN of collecting to you by offering thousands of unusual and affordable stamp offers on this site.

Where to Begin

If you are uncertain how to collect stamps and what stamps to collect, simply follow your heart to what appeals to your curiosity and captures your interest. You can browse Kenmore's web site for stamps arranged by country and a wide variety of topics.

Consider using the Advanced Search, which allows you to filter by multiple countries, topics, or range of years to quickly see a wide variety of stamps.

Another popular way to see a broad variety of material is to receive Stamps-on-Approval. Kenmore will send you colorful, exciting selections for you to conveniently preview in your home on 15-day Free Examination.  Click to learn more about receiving Stamps-on-Approval

Stamp Collecting Supplies

Compared to many hobbies, Stamp Collecting Supplies are very affordable. Stamps collectors have many storage options to display and protect stamps.

Stamp Collecting Basics

Watch our brief online videos or print out our stamp guide on using stamp hinges, stamp mounts, how to use a perforation gauge and how to detect watermarks.

U.S. Postage Stamp Identifier & Stamp Collecting Types

Get the inside scoop on how to distinguish the valuable from the common varieties with our U.S. Stamp Identifier and discover the various types of U.S. stamps and covers you can collect.

Famous Stamps

Fascinating stories about some of the world's most desirable and interesting stamps.

Foreign Country Indentifier

Find out what country your stamp came from with this handy identifier.
Since the world's first postage stamp appeared in 1840, hundreds and hundreds of countries have been born, undergone name changes or disappeared into history as "Lost Nations".

Kenmore's Worldwide Stamp Identifier  allows you easily find the country that issued your stamp. Click here to start a new search. Simply key in the characters exactly as they appear on the front of the stamp and press find.

Stamp Glossary

Definitions of many commonly used stamp collecting terms.