Guidelines to Quality and Condition

All postage stamps offered on this site are sound stamps totally free of defects and graded according to Kenmore's high standards for quality.  A few exceptions to these guidelines can be found in the Clearance section or the one-of-a-kind issues in the Foreign section where the stamps are priced according to condition.  In both of these sections the description will indicate the stamp's quality.  All are guaranteed to please or return them within 90 days in their original packaging.

Centering - Kenmore's prices are for the most common centering found for that particular stamp issue. For stamps from the 1800s and early 1900s, average to fine centering is most common, with the perforations close or touching the stamp's design. Due to improved perforating technology, stamps issued after 1935 have Fine to Very Fine centering.

Mint Stamps - Postage stamps issued prior to 1893 will lack their original gum, the most common condition for 19th century stamps. Mint stamps from 1893 to 1949 may be lightly-hinged, with traces of a hinge mark on the original gum. Stamps from 1950 to date are sold in never-hinged condition, unless otherwise indicated.

Premium Grade Condition - If you are looking for never-hinged or very fine centering for 1893 to 1950 stamp issues, please let us know your requirements and we'll be pleased to provide you with cost for these premium stamps. Simply contact us for pricing.