#4143 - 41¢ Star Wars - sheet of 15

Celebrating 30 years of George Lucas’ masterpiece film franchise, Star Wars exploded into the sci-fi universe as an instant fan favorite. In the midst of a galactic civil war, young Luke Skywalker must learn the ways of the Jedi, an ancient and powerful order of peacekeepers who can manipulate a supernatural power known as The Force. Together with help from the charismatic smuggler Han Solo and his Wookie first mate Chewbacca, they must rescue Princess Leia from the clutches of the evil Darth Vader, and destroy the planet-annihilating space station known as the Death Star. The film gained instant success due to its gripping story and computer-generated special effects. Scott 4143 Star Wars

Order Pre-cut Mounts 223 x 187 mm

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#4143 - 41¢ Star Wars - sheet of 15
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