#5583S- Heritage Breeds - Set of 10

Modern industrialized farming focuses on breeding a few livestock classes for maximum productivity. This has led to other critical, unique breeds becoming extinct or close to it. These pre-industrial breeds, known as heritage breeds, have an invaluable genetic diversity that can help farmers and others adapt to variable conditions, ranging from new consumer tastes to varied landscapes. This set of stamps features 10 heritage breeds: the American Mammoth Jackstock donkey, the Narragansett turkey, the Cayuga duck, the San Clemente Island goat, the Mulefoot hog, the Cotton Patch goose, the American Cream draft horse, the Barbados Blackbelly sheep, the Milking Devon cow and the Wyandotte chicken. Scott 5583S Heritage Breeds

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#5583S- Heritage Breeds - Set of 10
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