Cuba Native Birds - Christmas 1965 Complete Set of 15

Christmas 1965 Complete Set of 15 – Save $8.25


Cuba was the first nation to issue annual Christmas stamps, and also one of the first nations to issue different stamp designs in se-tenant blocks. This colorful and attractive 1965 Christmas set pictures native birds in their natural habitats in an unusual block of 6 format featuring 4 stamps uniting to form a single scene, a fifth single stamp with a bird perched on a limb, and an attached commemorative label of yuletide bells. Because of the layout of the blocks of 6 in the sheets, the single stamp and label is found either to the side or above or below the other 4 stamps. Since most of the sheets were used to mail Christmas cards, these attached blocks are less commonly found.


Whether you're a bird lover or a collector of Christmas stamps, this interesting set belongs in your collection, and you can save $8.25 off its $37.25 catalog value! (Cuba #1025-39)


Cuba Christmas 1965 Set of 15 – Catalog Value $37.25
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