How to Use Stamp Hinges

Stamp Hinges are the most common way to safely, easily, and affordably mount stamps in an album. They consist of thin strips of gummed glassine paper, and are pre-folded. Hinges are best suited for inexpensive or previously hinged stamps. Stamp hinges hold the stamp to the album page, but still allows for safe and easy removal at a later time (always allow the hinge to thoroughly dry before trying to remove it from the stamp).

The short end of the pre-folded hinge connects directly to the back of the stamp, while the longer portion adheres to the album page. Stamp Tongs can aid in handling the stamps but are not always necessary.


Inexpensive Stamp Hinge for Mounting




1)  Very little moisture is required to attach the hinge to the back of the stamp. The easiest method is to wet the tip of your finger on a sponge and then use the moisture on your finger to wet the back of the small portion of the stamp hinge.  Use as little moisture as possible!






Stamp with small part of hinge attached




2)  Attach the small part of the hinge close to the top of the stamp, stamp tongs can be used to add precision. Good mounting allows the stamp to be lifted upwards as if on a hinge.  This allows access to examine the backside of the stamp as well as the ability to be able to grasp the stamp and the hinge to remove the stamp from the album.




 Hinged stamp on album page



3)  Lightly moisten the back of the hinge and press it firmly to the album page in the desired place. If done correctly you should be able to lift the stamp up for inspection from the bottom.