Hong Kong Post Office

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 Hong Kong is one of the busiest and richest areas in the world, and its precious land sells for record-breaking prices. A British colony since 1841, a 99-year treaty signed in 1898 returned the territory to China in 1997. Its stamps are highly desirable and eagerly sought by collectors in China and the rest of the world. This 5x3.5-inch sheet was one of the final issues under British rule and celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Hong Kong Post Office. It pictures the Central Post Office, built in 1976 on land reclaimed from the sea, and was the final Hong Kong issue to picture Queen Elizabeth II. Over the years as more land has been reclaimed, moving the ports further from the post office, Hong Kong has built 4 main post offices in an attempt to keep the post office close to its expanding shoreline!  Hong Kong #651Al

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