Incredible World War II Forgery - 1944 French Resistance Forgery Mint Single

1944 French Resistance Forgery Created for Secret Underground Mailings!

The daring French Resistance created this postal forgery of the 1.5 franc Marshal Petain to mail clandestine leaflets and anti-German propaganda inside France and then boldly used the Vichy Government's Postal Service that was loyal to Hitler and the Nazis to deliver their message!
While it is easy for stamp collectors to distinguish the forgery from the genuine stamp by comparing the perforations, this remarkable forgery went undetected during the war. Had this operation been discovered, any individual caught with these stamps would have certainly been interrogated by the Gestapo and likely executed, so secrecy and trust within the French Resistance was essential.

Kenmore has found a small cache of these fascinating old forgeries. Rarely seen, you can own one of these secret French Underground Forgeries at a very affordable price!

Full Sheet of 24 also available